Women Empowerment

Pakistan is a country heavily impacted by cultural values which deprives women, especially young ambitious women of even their basic rights such as education and healthcare. Even though education is available for women and men in Pakistan however families especially in rural areas and slum areas do not appreciate their young sisters and daughters studying alongside boys. This ends up with most of the women in these areas uneducated which ultimately leads to underage marriages and marriages against consent in Pakistan. As for healthcare, firstly there are inadequate health care services especially for women that live in poverty and rural and slum areas. Secondly sexual and reproductive rights of women are overlooked. The main reason for this is that sexual and reproduction topics and talks are considered a taboo in the society of Pakistan. However these things ultimately lead to complications for women in Pakistan and causing high rates of miscarriages and high mortality rates of newborns and women during birth giving.

Therefore STEP works with the women in marginalized communities. We focus on education and awareness for women. In the past we have held several awareness camps. In these awareness camps we work with professional doctors and physicians who guide these women on how they can take care of themselves during pregnancy and their babies after pregnancy. We opened a free healthcare center that was exclusively for women and children.

In the field of education, our schools are open to anyone regardless of gender, however STEP has opened a free sewing center just for women which trains local women so that they can learn professional skills and help their families.