Sports Activity October 2022

Last month a sports activity day was held for the students of My Identity School.

The students were taken to a nearby playground and were able to play and participate in different sports such as cricket, badminton, and football etc.

All the students were given a chance to show their skills and athleticism in a friendly competition. The girls especially were very delighted doing such activities as in Pakistan sports for girls is very rare and is mostly discouraged. However they were given an equal opportunity to take part in whatever game they wanted to.

Some of the girls also expressed their feelings to become professional cricket players and play for the Pakistan National Women team. This showed that activities of this manner not only improves the mental health of students but also somehow brings out ambition and new goals.

This activity turned out to great and students spent more than 4 hours and wanted to stay longer. For the future we promised the students that when we get enough finances we would rent out a ground long term so we can have such activities on a regular basis.

The next day the students expressed their feelings and feedback about the activity and were very happy.