05 September 2022

Pakistan has been hit by severe flooding like never before due to the heavy monsoonal rain. The situation has gone from bad to worse since June 2022 and more than 900 people have been killed so far. The government has been declared a state of emergency with over 33 million people affected by the flood so far. The floods are destroying villages and cities. The rural villages are being the most affected as most of their houses being made out of the mud have completely dissolved in water and their cattle has either been lost or killed due to drowning or malnutrition. People’s crops are completely under water. People are worried about looking for a place to lay down and bread to feed their children who some have not eaten for days. Children are at the highest risk due to malaria, malnutrition and water borne diseases.

STEP Organization and Local supporters are trying their best to help flood affected people.
We humbly request the international community to help Pakistan in this very big disaster.
Please contact our NGO for your Donations and more information.
Your small support can save many lives.