Health Center Project 




ORGANIZED BY: Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity –STEP

Main Focus (Providing awareness and providing first Aid Medicines in family Health Center)
Very Focused issues: (Sanitization and hygienic food providing Tips to   implements in our daily life)

Background of the project:-
Family Health Center and awareness about the different diseases was conduct by STEP Organization and VGIF USA. There were several seminars in this project through out the whole year. This project went very successful and along with successfulness there are many new challenges and problems which has to be resolve and also needs more concentration and funds. But over all this project has very successful base and also it has become self sustainable after the funding of VGIF USA for the period of one year. Family Health Center is working everyday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Slum areas women and children are getting advantage from this family Health Center. Young girls who are bachelors and still studying or working at homes they are also getting advantage of this center. They join this Center as a Consultancy Center. Which is very helpful for the girl’s personal problems and also they get good guidance for Reproductive health and also about the different diseases which could be very harmful for them in future?
In this whole year there are main points which were focused on.

Other Activities:
Through out the whole year Family Health Center is providing awareness through seminars and door to door campaign through rallies and role act play in local language. These all activities were very successful and affected on local community. In this activity local community understood 100% in their local native language. Local problems and present diseases were discussed and with the help of local community fully participation there were more solutions which were discussed and implanted also for the betterment of the society. Diseases ratio decreased after the implementation of this Health improvement project.


Through out the six months STEP organization has conducted one day Seminar in which there was awareness for the pregnant women and young girls about precautions about having different diseases around us. Every four months Seminar and three seminars in a year. In each seminar there will be 100 persons directly and indirectly 600 through out the year.

Health Center for Women Project started in the year of 2010 typically for the deprived women and children. It is going on very successfully for the women, young girls and children of Faisalabad Gaffari Town and near here towns. Before this project there were 450 families who were just living without any Health Center and Clinic. The main problem these people is poverty and lack of awareness. The first project of STEP organization was Educational development which is going very successful. The second project was using this school building Second time for women health Center and providing awareness through seminars door to door surveys and campaigns and providing health facilities at very low cost.
This project has created confidence, health facilities and awareness in targeted slum areas.