Gojra Incident

Christians in Korian village No.362JB  &Gojra Basti

Families and properties burnt by Muslim Extremists

Report made by STEP organization


Korian is a village situated on Faisalabad Gojra Road, where their Muslims and Christians are living together. In korian village on Sunday there was marriage ceremony and they togethered for celebrations. But Muslims of the areas complaint that Christians Children have torn and thrown during the Ceremony their Holy Koran pages. Which was not true. The old people of the village Christians and Muslims tried to resolve the problem but could not.

On 30th of July 2009 in the night time by 8:00 pm the Religious leaders of the Muslims made announcement that attack on Christians and kill them.

Meanwhile all near here villages teetered and they started to attack on Christian village Korian district Toba Tek singh. The Christians people ran from their houses and there was one old woman who could not ran she was there and she said Luckily they could not see her and she is still alive. Thanks God.

There was one more old women and old man who could not ran away because of their age factor. Thanks God they are still alive luckily.

Now STEP Team has visited Korian village and everything is demolished and they have nothing, which is save. But thanks God now the Government build up their houses again abut the fear of the Muslims is still there.

The same situation happened with Gojara Christians Basti on 1st of August 2009 by 10:00.am in the morning time.

The Muslims of Gojra and near here villagers attacked on Christian Basti in Gojara.

Christians tried their best to run away but they could not allow them to run from their houses. All Christians ran on their house roofs. But the Muslims people fired on them and many Christian’s women, children and men killed by them.7 persons including 2 children alive burnt in the house.

There was Police security also available but police could not stop them.

According to the Christians community of the Basti could not resist them because they were so many people.


Now in Gojara Basti they have killed 11 persons. They have burnt one Church in Korian and two Churches in Gojra Basti now over all Police are also looking helpless. There is Fear among Christians in Pakistan about safty and security of life from attack of extremist Muslims and all Christians are very much. All Christians are scared from Blasphemy Laws, which is being used to attack on Christians. The community of the Korian and Gojra Basti complaint that police was also involved in attack. They purposely not saved the Christian community during attack. They allow the attackers to go inside the houses.


Now Present Situation: – The houses of the Christians Government are building up but still Christians are so scared about their security and safty. This Blasphemy law is also used in Kasoor city of Pakistan to attack on Christians and in shanti Nager Khanawal in Sangla Hill in Sailkot and in Gojra and korian too.

STEP Organization Role: STEP Team has surveyed of the area affected people needs and tried to provide them cooked food soon after the second day of this incident. STEP team also provided them dry food, sweaters, socks and caps for the children.

Latest Situation and Needs: – The houses of korian are 51 which has been build up and total there are 66 families and in Gojra there are 96 houses. Total families, which are effected, they are around about 150 families. All families got support from local people and others cities of Pakistan. They supported them very much for their food and some daily use house material. But after a Benchmark survey now there is very much need of primary school for the small children where are in almost 150 and there is much need of Sewing Center for the young grils.because young girls are uneducated. These girls cannot read and write but after learning sewing they can support their families by sewing the cloths of others. There is much need of skill education for the females to support their families. There is also very much need of family health Center because mostly females do not have any family Health Center near here.


Needs: – The money (Pak Rs 100,000 US $ 1250) that has been given to each family is given by the Government. This money is being used for their daily food. Also the money given to the people is according to the homes burnt but in the joint family system, there are sometimes more than three families living in one home having their separate food and living system. This is not enough money for the people because their house each and every material is burnt and ruined.


STEP Organization Future Plan: – It is decided that with coordination with others local organizations there must be sports day among Muslims and Christians and also Seminars through out the year on peace building and friendship.

Reported by STEP organization


Please click on this link to view pictures slide show of Korian and Gojra Community Present situation and STEP organizations activities.