Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

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Skill Development



  • STEP Organization is still working and trying to get projects on these Programs
  1. Low cost computer programs.
  2. Car driving program.
  3. Beauty Saloons Trainings.
  4. Garments sewing embroidery etc.
  5. Candies + sweets + biscuits + surf + soap making + tooth paste + shampoo making Skills.
  6. Seminars with carpet Weaving Girls and boys.
  7. Laboratory Technician Programs.
  8. Youth Technical orientation Seminars.