Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

STEP news letter

STEP Achievements:-

STEP has developed a project with the support of VGIF Organization USA.
Children Education for Community Development
Children of Mashal-e-Rah Model School getting Computer education along with Formal Education. The purpose of Computer education is to help the children to get good jobs in the offices after completing their grade 10 education. It was observed through different surveys and interviews from many young boys and girls remain unemployed even getting education because they do not know about Computer operating and office work on computer. This was the present need of Computer education with formal education.

There is also need now to start Adult education program.


Urgent needs:-

    • Family Health Center (Maternity Home) for slum areas women.
    • Family Health Center has started but there is need of Small Hospital because in the whole area there is no any Clinic or hospital.
    • Skill development program (for rural and urban uneducated women) sewing Center,
    • Beauty parlor need and hand craft trainings.

    Participation at local level:-
    STEP has joint local NGos, CBos, and local committee’s clusters and coordination with them in different development activities. Efforts for peace and Harmony (Interfaith Harmony and Peace building programs)
    STEP has organized peace building efforts and Seminars with others Religions communities. The purpose was to bring each other close and work together for peace and human respect.

    Results of Peace Building Programs:-

    1. One Unit committee having different faith and Religion.
    2. Monthly meeting with all the local areas leaders.
    3. Community meetings for awareness with rural and urban areas.
    4. Together developmental activities.
    5. Global peace efforts in the world.

    STEP participated in Sports day with local organizations for children positive growth.

    STEP Organization (Mashal-e-Rah model school) participated with local Organizations and Schools for kids one day sports day on 3rd of January 2009 at Faisalabad Jinnah Garden. STEP coordinated with (Peace through education & sports –PTEAS)

    organization. STEP organization is also struggling and working for flood affected areas for their urgent needs and developmental efforts.


    Health Center for Women Project started in the year of 2010 typically for the deprived women and children. It is going on very successfully for the women, young girls and children of Faisalabad Gaffari Town and near here towns. Before this project there were 450 families who were just living without any Health Center and Clinic. The main problem these people is poverty and lack of awareness. The first project of STEP organization was Educational development which is going very successful. The second project was using this school building Second time for women health Center and providing awareness through seminars door to door surveys and campaigns and providing health facilities at very low cost.
    This project has created confidence, health facilities and awareness in targeted slum areas.

    Through out the six months STEP organization has conducted one day Seminar in which there was awareness for the pregnant women and young girls about precautions about having different diseases around us. Every four months Seminar and three seminars in a year. In each seminar there will be 100 persons directly and indirectly 600 through out the year.
    Door to door Campaign for better health and against diseases. Family Health Center is going on in the evening time. The school building is being used for multipurpose in the evening time too. In family health Center up till now there are 2338 patients registered
    From these patients we have referred to the Government hospitals which are in numbers 486.This is very wonderful reply and local community is very happy and everyday patients are increasing because the main problem was for the slum areas community to manage doctor fees. STEP has only 40/- receipt and medicine is free. Females and young girls are mostly happy because these health facilities are at their door step

    Local community 100% participation proved this project is very successful.
    Family Health Center Fees is very reasonable. This is in their approach to get medicines and treatment at very low cost. Local community freely offers their houses and rooms for use for door to door meeting about the awareness about Malaria and these days STEP Team is providing awareness how people can save from Dengue fever and Congo fever.
    These two fever categories are everyday increasing because of flood water in different areas of Punjab and sindh provinces of Pakistan. Community is ready to cooperate for more women health Center in others town and they said they will offer their house room if the Nurse wants to open clinic in the evening time.
    Community fully participating in Seminars, in Role act play, community’s   local language is being used and community understanding all the awareness about the precautions about diseases.
    Now local community shared that they are very thankful to STEP organization. they are using the tips in their homes and their children and family members are more safe from the so common diseases and infections
    In the beginning it was very much hard to teach the uneducated females about their pregnant conditions. It was hard to tell them that come everyday for blood pressure check up and also eat tablets folic Acid for their new baby and mother safety. But finally after providing them awareness through seminars and door to door areas meetings and providing awareness in the clinic. Now females are following and it is very big success.
    Along with success there are so many challenges. In the beginning some husband of the females were not allowing them to get medicines and also to go to the hospitals especially pregnant femeles.before this many females use to die and expire their babies too not going to the hospitals in time. But after motivating their husbands and provided them awareness that timely reaching to the hospitals through STEP organizations reference mother and child will be safe and alright.
    There is much need of Ambulance because these slum areas have no convenience facility. Sometime some serious females become more in dangerous condition taking them to the hospitals. There is still much need of free medicines and more seminars and more clinics in these slum areas to covers others far villages.

    Project Participants Feelings and Impacts:

    Name:    Sabeeta Boota

    Patient of TB (Tuberculoses)

    Age:              28 years old (Unmarried)

    Education:     primary school (5th class)
    She is unmarried and belonging to poor family she had TB from last 2 months but she told that she does not know this when STEP team came in our house  and they suggested me that they will help me to take to the hospital and get my TB Tests. First my parents were not agreeing they said she will be alright just giving her some medicines.
    After motivating my mother and father and even elder brother then with the help of STEP organization I got my TB tests. Through reports it was diagnosed that I am having TB for last two Months.
    Today I prayer for STEP organization which has saved my life I prayer that it goes long life in our town.

    Name: Nazarian BiBi

    Patient of Typhoid fever

    Age: 36 years old
    Pregnant for last 3 months

    Qualification:     Primary (3 class)

    I am Nazarian BiBi living in Salak Town and I am very much thankful to STEP organization and especially for their Project for the (women Health Center).
    I had fever in the beginning I was just taking medicines sometime but actually it was typhoid now thanks God I went to family health clinic and they took me to the hospital and I am fully alright now.
    They also told me about waterborne diseases, Bacterial diarrerial diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid vector borne diseases dengue fever and malaria.
    They told us 250 females of this town through seminar and also the nurse also helped and doctor guided us very good.
    We are thankful to STEP organization and prayer that may God bless all team and please this is my humble request carry on this wonderful work for the helpless and poor people like us.
    May God bless you….

    Name:              Uzama John

    Age:                 20 years

    Education:       9th class

    I am Uzama I am very thankful to Family Health Center Supported by STEP organization. I had very much Menses Problems and complications. Now thanks God everything is fine and good with me. Now I am telling my same age girls they are coming here and getting good awareness and all kinds of girl’s problems and good suggestions and guidance and even medicines too. I pray for this family Center may God bless this Family Health Center.
    So that like us poor females would get the good advantage and we may keep our self Healthy in reasonable amount.
    May God bless and long live WOMEN HEALTH CENTER.