Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

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Local Networking working together as a cluster: -


Networking working together as a cluster: -


Social transformation and educational prosperity – STEP has developed networking with local organizations to work on different problems and issues as a cluster.

There are 15 organizations who has formed Alliance of NGOs for opportunities and action   (ANOA)

STEP has also developed Coordination with local organizations network for joint activities on the issues being faced by the communities in the working areas.

In this local networking every organization have equal rights and opportunities for sustainable development.

  1.       Hope Development organization
  2.       Society for education and Training – SET
  3.       CVM Ministry
  4.       ANOA (networking of 15 organization)
  5.       Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity –STEP


STEP has also joint the local areas CBOs and community groups for community development.

There are local community groups, which are ready to work with STEP organization as a volunteer. STEP Team has made the list and Directory of these local groups which will be published on STEP website very soon.


World wide (links) with others organizations


STEP is member of following international networks



1:  WANGO (World Association of Non Governmental Organization)  


2:  WWSF

(Women’s World Summit Foundation) (STEP is International Coalition Member)


3:  WHO (World Health Organization stop TB Partnership)  


4:  FAN (Freshwater Action Network South Asia Regional Network)



5: (We Care Too)


6: (WiserEarth)


7: STEP Organization is Partner organization Fortune Europe (The Friends of the United Nations) In Pakistan.


8:STEP is fully involved to run Educational and Health projects with VGIF Organization USA.