Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

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Health Activities




ORGANIZED BY:               Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity –STEP


Application Number:                                                                                       
VGIF Grant #:                                                                                        
REPORT PREPARED BY:   Mr. Danish Riaz&Ms.Rina Mehboob
Number of young girls (Bachelors) Patients:                                               
Number of pregnant females:                     
Covered Slum area and Villages Total:                 
Number of Children Patients:                                                              
Pregnant female’s referred to the District Head Quarter Hospitals:    
Total Seminars Conduct in the whole year (every fourth month)                         
Total Participants in the Seminar                                                                         

Main Focus (Providing awareness and providing first Aid Medicines in family Health Center)
Very Focused issues:            (Sanitization and hygienic food providing Tips to   implements in our daily life)                                                     

Background of the project:-
Family Health Center and awareness about the different diseases was conduct by STEP Organization and VGIF USA in 2010 – 2011. There were 3 seminars in this project through out the whole year. Every fourth month each Seminar. Through out the year this project went very successful and along with successfulness there are many new challenges and problems which has to be resolve and also needs more concentration and funds. But over all this project has very successful base and also it has become self sustainable after the funding of VGIF USA for the period of one year. Family Health Center is working everyday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.slum areas women and children are getting advantage from this family Health Center. Young girls who are bachelors and still studying or working at homes they are also getting advantage of this center. They join this Center as a Consultancy Center. Which is very helpful for the girl’s personal problems and also they get good guidance for Reproductive health and also about the different diseases which could be very harmful for them in future?
In this whole year there are main points which were focused  

    • Whole year all activities which has taken place for this project are these
    • Over all impacts on this project on community, participants and Project director
    • Challenges encountered during this project the whole year
    • Breakdown budget and receipts are added with this report
    • Case studies and different patients personal feelings and sharing
    • Changes in the community and over all  the affects on community after this project
    • Community interviews and sharing over all community personal observation
    • Future plans and main focus for the next year
    • To keep this project self sustainable monthly meetings with community and their suggestions and ideas welcome and appreciated always.


    STEP Family Health Center entrance View Family Health Center is working successfully



    Over All Activities:-
    Through out the whole year Family Health Center is providing awareness through seminars and door to door campaign through rallies and role act play in local language. These all activities were very successful and affected on local community. In this activity local community understood 100% in their local native language. Local problems and present diseases were discussed and with the help of local community fully participation there were more solutions which were discussed and implanted also for the betterment of the society. Diseases ratio decreased after the implementation of this Health improvement project.

    Over All impacts of this project:- This project has very special value in local community of Gaffari Town , Salak Town, Nazir Colony, Aban-e- Mariam,Malkahwala,Paul Abad,Liaqat Town,Gulshan Town and Kushhal Town.
    Community feels more confidant and health system of the local community improved.
    Community is very happy and always ready to support morally and physically.
    STEP Organization has created a family atmosphere and this whole project was run as a team work not alone. Community involvement was 100%.It was told that this project is by the community and for the community.
    Through three seminars people improved their life through awareness and through small tips and they implemented in their houses for example they worked on hygienic food and sanitization and also using small tips the big change came in their life and many people are requesting each day to arrange seminar in their near town.


    STEP Consultancy Center is helping females and Children Awareness Seminar for females and young girls


    As a Project Director:-
    As a project Director I personally felt this project was very beneficial for the whole community and having short of funds there is much much need to arrange more Health Awareness Seminars for local community near here areas. There is still 50% more community which needs awareness Seminars and through Role Act Play they can use small tips in their houses which are very much useful and have positive results.
    These days community is facing problem of Malaria and Gastro problem because of this hot season people are using small tips and feel much better, safe and more secure from these diseases. So this is my personal request and wish that Seminars should be continue and also this family Health Center will improve the life and health of the local community in future. BY: Ms.Rina Mehboob
    Challenges Encountered:-
    Having lack of sources of conveyance and shortage of funds still community needs but we can not increase our areas and provide them ambulance facility.
    In this community Health Center there is much need to shape as a Hospital in future.
    It is very much harder to work in uneducated community especially to motivate the males who think that they are dominating on females.
    Some males still hardly permission their females for treatment and participate in the seminars which are for their own betterment. Poverty is the main element which is big hurdle in their life to spend a successful life. It needs big amount of funds to start for them any Technical work for local community development. Having lack of conveyance and ways it was not possible to reach in time to the community. Pakistan is facing big problem the shortage of Electricity. Sound system was getting disturbed in one Seminar.


    Awareness Seminar Conduct by females Doctor in local language it was very beneficial Seminar Conduct by Experience LHV sharing her Experience with girls and females


    Case Study:-
    Name:                               Ms.Zarina Iqbal
    Age:                                  40 years
    Children:                         3 (elder is son and two daughters)


    She is living in Aben-e-Mariam Colony her husband is drug Addict. She was very much disappointed and her two young girls were also worry. In Tension she is having Tuberculoses. But thanks God it was on early stage. When she came in family Health Center for Consultancy. She was very helpless and disappointed but after meeting with the STEP Team. She had one hope in her life she also brought the next day her daughters both daughters and Ms.Zarina Iqbal participated in three Seminars and all activities through out the year. The big change and confidence came in their life. Now she has started to work in a factory for her children better future. Her TB disease is cured now.
    Her daughters also got guidance about their personal growth and they started to improve their life. She shared on stage in a seminar that before meeting with STEP Team I was very much disappointed and worry about my daughters and myself.
    Now I am also taking medicines of tuberculoses with the help of STEP Organization management. My Health is also improving and the big happiest thing is my daughters also know much knowledge about their personal growing and how to improve health and many precautions.
    Now I am not worrying that if my husband has left me. But I am very much happy that now I am spending very successful life and I am sure my daughters will also improve their personal life too.
    I request all females and participants especially those females whose husbands are not taking interest in their houses please keep in touch with STEP Organizations team and get good guidance and please all mom’s send their young daughters for consultancy because they have family atmosphere and this look that this is our sweet home when we come in family health center. This is my humble request also the whole Team of STEP Organization please carry on Seminars which are very beneficial in local language. Through these seminars we get good awareness.



    Participant in seminar and Patient of STEP Family Health Center
    Question: what do you say about this Seminar and about Family Health Center?

    Answer: I am not educated but I feel this whole program for me and when I attend this Seminar and goes to Family Health Center. They speak our local Language Punjabi
    So I do not have any problem to tell them my problem. What I have felt personally this is very family atmosphere and they have told me many good things free of cost. I am poor lady and these all tips and knowledge if doctor will tell me I think he will charge a big amount of money which is not in my approach.
    I am Hina and my prayers and love is always with STEP organization teams long live keep it up good work.

    I am uzma this is my humble request please carry on this developmental work for the marginalized community of our town. I think this is gift of God that we are having STEP organization among us and they are working with us. Our prayers and fully support is with STEP organization.


    Future Plans and efforts:-

    Family Health Center and awareness about the different diseases are now self sustainable after a funding for the period of one year.
    Now Health Center will manage purchasing of new Medicines by using the Token Fees of 40/- (Half US$) each patient.
    With this amount Nurse Salary and Medicines will be managed to keep this self Sustainable.
    But there is much need of more Seminars in future.
    Through Seminars many females are getting awareness and the local community use precautions before the disease capture them.
    People are not fully aware about the hygienic food and how to keep clean their houses and small tips and guidance.
    STEP organization Hope and Request for the near future funds for the whole year more seminars for community. These seminars will increase the Health ratio in local towns.
    Future plan is to hire doctor for full time job and increase in the shape of Hospital in few beds.
    On Acute need of the community STEP organization planed to publish in Urdu Language booklet of few pages every month in which all guidance, New Tips and details will be available about Hygienic food and how to keep sanitize houses by using local sources.








    Through out the six months STEP organization has conducted one day Seminar in which there was awareness for the pregnant women and young girls about precautions about having different diseases around us. Every four months Seminar and three seminars in a year. In each seminar there will be 100 persons directly and indirectly 600 through out the year.
    Door to door Campaign for better health and against diseases. Family Health Center is going on in the evening time. The school building is being used for multipurpose in the evening time too. In family health Center up till now there are 2338 patients registered

    From these patients we have referred to the Government hospitals which are in numbers 486.This is very wonderful reply and local community is very happy and everyday patients are increasing because the main problem was for the slum areas community to manage doctor fees. STEP has only 40/- receipt and medicine is free. Females and young girls are mostly happy because these health facilities are at their door step.


    Health Center for Women Project started in the year of 2010 typically for the deprived women and children. It is going on very successfully for the women, young girls and children of Faisalabad Gaffari Town and near here towns. Before this project there were 450 families who were just living without any Health Center and Clinic. The main problem these people is poverty and lack of awareness. The first project of STEP organization was Educational development which is going very successful. The second project was using this school building Second time for women health Center and providing awareness through seminars door to door surveys and campaigns and providing health facilities at very low cost.
    This project has created confidence, health facilities and awareness in targeted slum areas.



    In the beginning it was very much hard to teach the uneducated females about their pregnant conditions. It was hard to tell them that come everyday for blood pressure check up and also eat tablets folic Acid for their new baby and mother safety. But finally after providing them awareness through seminars and door to door areas meetings and providing awareness in the clinic. Now females are following and it is very big success.
    Along with success there are so many challenges. In the beginning some husband of the females were not allowing them to get medicines and also to go to the hospitals especially pregnant femeles.before this many females use to die and expire their babies too not going to the hospitals in time. But after motivating their husbands and provided them awareness that timely reaching to the hospitals through STEP organizations reference mother and child will be safe and alright.
    There is much need of Ambulance because these slum areas have no convenience facility. Sometime some serious females become more in dangerous condition taking them to the hospitals. There is still much need of free medicines and more seminars and more clinics in these slum areas to covers others far villages.
    In future STEP Ambition to open a hospital in which there will be all facilities especially for females.