Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

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Our City Faisalabad


FaisalababThe city of Lyallpur came into being in 1880.The city which now well known as a Manchester of Pakistan for its industrial activity, was nothing but desolate tract of land 100 years of age. Lyallpur Changed into Faisalabad: In 1977, the name of the city was changed to Faisalabad, after the name of the late king of Saudi Arabia, Shah Faisal-bin-Abdul Aziz. In 1985, the city was upgraded as a division with the districts of Faisalabad, Jhang and Toba-Tek Singh.


Climate: The climate of Faisalabad is extreme with very little rainfall. the maximum temp in summer rises up to 48 o C and minimum temperature in winter goes down to 04 o C. the present average rainfall is 40 mm which is more then twice the average rainfall prevalent 40 years ago.


Literacy Rate: literacy rate is 40 % which is much less than the neighboring countries of Asia like Sri Lanka whose literacy rate is 100 %. Due to this illiteracy we are unable to control our economy properly.


Environmental Pollution: Faisalabad is a city of factories and mills. Due to non-planning of city, these mills and factories are not located in a separate territory, but are present among the residential areas. Industrial waste and industrial effluent create environmental pollution which needs immediate control.