Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity – STEP

"STEP is a small organization working with grassroots level communities of Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas for the sake of sustainable development. All the members made their ambition to develop communities by the coordination and participation. STEP believes with participatory work. All the activities that we organize communal participation are the main element. There is the detail of members "

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Education for all  



Formal Activities

Low Cost & Subsidize Education Program

STEP, developed an educational program with the community of Gaffari Town (Remote & Slum Area of Faisalabad City). People of the area develop the program. The people, of the area discussed their problems that they cannot send their children far away and in such schools, which are costly for them. So on acute need of community a School (Mashal-e-Rah model School) is started in the area. This School is situated at Gaffari Town with complete momentary roof but with incomplete building. The School Teachers are Enthusiastic and motivated to fortify the Educational Level in this area with short Resources. Now we have 70 children.
This School fully self sustainable after the support of one year by VGIF USA.




Adult Education Program

With inauguration of (Mashal-e-Rah Model School), STEP got encouragement. This program also caught the attention of other community members. The program raised aspiration in maid women & girls to get education. So they organized meeting and resultantly an adult education program is developed with women and girls of Gaffri Town. We started this program in the evening and use our school for this purpose. Now we have 13 girls and women in adult education program.


Free education coaching program

Many children are working in different sectors. So they are deprived from education. The children themselves showed their interest that they also need education. But their availability is not possible in the morning time. So they decided there should such an educational program, which can help them to fulfill their need in the evening. For the purpose we made survey under the program, and made possible school drop out (Working and street children, to come for their consultancy for education. Now we have 32 children in our program.